Does it affect to SEO moving a blog from blogger to wordpress ?

by tm-md

Question by Burdz Miekl: Does it affect to SEO moving a blog from blogger to wordpress ?
I reasontly bought a high traffic blog. it’s in blogger and half of the traffic from Google.

it’s a none English site and 99% local traffic.

I am thinking to move this to wordpress. if I move the site from blogger to wordpress, will it affect for Search engine ranking ?


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Answer by Dallas Cousins
I think it would affect the seo ranking, what I would do is keep the blog on blogger but add links back to wordpress and have it on both. Two is always better than one. Then you might even get double the traffic.

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11 Responses to “Does it affect to SEO moving a blog from blogger to wordpress ?”

  1. Kate Nelson says:

    Definitely will affect the SEO.

    Because all structures will be different.

  2. nitul says:

    I don’t think that It will affect to your blog SEO. Many blog already moved from Blogger to WordPress and I research for the same.. You can use this user guide to migrate your blog into WordPress

  3. kelsey says:

    WordPress has better SEO options, so if you take advantage of the WordPress SEO plugins, you can possibly improve your results.

  4. xgyqshwl rjijlqd says:

    Start a new blog and keep your old blog. You don’t want to redo work you have already done. Keep both!

  5. Joseph says:

    If there is no change on the domain, the tags it will not be effected at all.

  6. EMP says:

    Use Hostgator as a webhost/domain and then install wordpress
    on the cpanel of hostgator. for your blog.

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