Does Google Analytics give accurate results?

Question by Plummy: Does Google Analytics give accurate results?
I’ve got google analytics on my website and last week started to market the site on some search engines pay-per-click. The stats I receive on the pay-per-click vary wildly from the metrics google analytics gives me.

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Answer by Uday
But in my case it is giving me accurate results for my website..

Try and check if the code has been copied properly or not..

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  1. Webman says:

    I am knowledgeable with Google Analytics, and I will inspect your website and the coding, and will fix the problem. Visit the link in my profile for more details.

  2. levi_wardell says:

    Quick Answer: Yes

    Not-So-Quick Answer:

    The numbers you see from your adwords account and the numbers available in analytics may vary for a few different reasons. I would start by making sure you’re using the most up to date code for analytics on your pages and ensure the code for tracking your ppc and the code for tracking your metrics play nice. Unfortunately it is not always the case and you may have to tweak it a bit. Once you’re sure this is done
    check out this article:

    It gives other reasons why the numbers may be different.

    And always remember, metric accumulation and analysis is more of an art than a science. Take all numbers with a grain of salt and find a checks and balance system that allows you to get a good idea of how you’re site is doing without putting all your eggs in one basket.