Could someone help me with any SEO (search engine optimization)?

Question by The Blaze Theory: Could someone help me with any SEO (search engine optimization)?
I own a moving company in College Station, Texas and I am just wondering if anyone has any helpful tips about SEO that might help me with my business.
This is a Go Daddy Website Tonight site.

Thank you everyone. This gives me a lot of good ideas, and a lot of things to help my website/company grow bigger.

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Answer by Kal
In general, you want to choose certain keywords that are very descriptive of your service, and that have a high number of searches, and not too much competition. Incorporate them into page urls, page titles, alt tags, main text, and a hyperlink on the page.

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  1. John Blair says:

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  2. Doodled says:

    I don’t think you actually need ‘tips’ at the moment. Your website needs an entire make over – this is not about graphics but the code and the content.

    The website has clearly been made with some ‘off-the-shelf’ software which is no bad thing but can make the code messy for search engines.

    Your title and meta tags don’t really match the page content and in general there is very little content for search engines to get hold of. So I would advise:

    STEP ONE: Write a lot of content (not copied from elsewhere but your own content) – say ‘how to prepare for your move’, ‘why moving can be stressful’, ’7 ways to ensure an easy move to your next home’, etc.

    Either – learn about SEO or hire an SEO company.

    The link below will take you to a page which explains all the things you need to do if your page is going to rank. Then have a think – would you be better to learn and do SEO or pay someone to do it while you get on with what you are really good at – helping people move…?

  3. says:

    You need to understand that page titles are limited to about 70 characters, and that they are not supposed to be an endless string of keywords or keyword phrases. The title should be 70 characters and represent the title of each specific page.

    Likewise, the meta description should be under 350 characters, specific for each page, and explain what that page is about.

    Go to, and in the search box type in exactly the following:

    Notice how all pages look the same, and have nearly identical descriptions?

    You should also use

    tags to introduce the first paragraph of text on each page.

    GoDaddy Website Tonight lets you put together a website with inconsistent font sizes, colors and emphasis, which your site has. Every page shows major inconsistencies with other pages.

  4. Carla says:


    First thing you want to do is find the keywords that folks enter into a search engine to find you. I like to use Google’s Keyword Tool at

    When I entered college station texas movers, I got a long list of keywords that are actually used. One keyword phrase that looks promising is “college station movers”. According to Google’s Keyword Tool, that keyword phrase gets 1000 searches a month.

    What that means is that you want to sprinkle this keyword phrase throughout your website. If you can get this keyword phrase added to your website’s description too, it will enable search engine robots to find your website when people search for “college station movers”.

    A good SEO strategy would also be to write a few articles on on the topic of moving, such as “How to Pack Fragile Items for a Move”, and link back to your website. If you aren’t able to include “college station movers” in your article without sounding too hypey (the article should be helpful), include your keyword phrase in your article bio. Be sure to link your author profile to your main site as well.

    Another great idea is to set up a Google Places page for your company. Google has free websites available that you can use to promote your business locally. On this page, you’d definitely want to include your keyword (“college station movers”) as much as possible. But you can also upload videos about your company. If you wrote that article, for example, have someone record you giving the same tips on a Flip camera, and post them up there.

    You can also ask your clients to post reviews of your company on These reviews can also be added to your Google Page, whose search engine rankings will increase, along with your main website.

    Remember: People go to search engines to answer a question, or solve a problem. Give them what they need, and they will seek you out.

    Good luck!

    Carla L. Hall