Christmas Time Music Video

JellyFish Entertainmentの所属歌手が全員一緒に歌ったクリスマスキャロルである「クリスマスタイム」(2010.12.4 発売)のPV映像です。 ソン・シギョン、パク・ヒョシン、ソ・インぐク、ブライアン、リサ、パク・ハクキ、キム・ヒョンジュン、キョンウ出演。 A music video of [Christmas Time]. All singers of Jellyfish Entertainment sing together for Christmas.(Released on 4th,Dec,2010). Sung Si Kyung, Park Hyo Shin, Seo In Guk, Brian Joo, Lisa, Park Hak Ki, Kim hyung Joong, Kyun Woo. 젤리피쉬엔터테인먼트의 소속사 가수들이 다 함께 모여 부른 크리스마스 캐롤 ‘크리스마스 타임’[2010년 12월 4일 발매]의 뮤직비디오 입니다. 성시경, 박효신, 서인국, 브라이언, 리사, 박학기, 김형중, 견우 출연
Video Rating: 4 / 5

34 Responses to “Christmas Time Music Video”

  1. mjleee22 says:

    @kpopismysoju The person (not voice) for both is Park hyo shin

  2. yowyowmhan says:

    i know its already summer here in our country but hearing this song and watching the this video made me feel that it’s christmas. i got the same feeling when i watched train’s shake up christmas <3

  3. pualani says:

    OMG!! I can’t I haven’t heard this song during the Christmas season!! Ahh…and Brian’s rap..simply priceless! Love Brian, SSK, Park Hyo Shin..all of them!

  4. choiandrew41 says:

    너무 좋아요

  5. DwayneHan94 says:

    정말 서인국 형은 목소리가 넘 부드러워 ㅋㅋㅋ 젤리피쉬는 최고의 발라드 소속이네 YG 는 힙합이구. 서인국씨 랩도 자연스러워요!!!

  6. kpajamas613 says:

    i miss park hyo shin already! the other day i was blasting The Gift (the whole album, not the song) and i got so sad :(

  7. kpajamas613 says:

    i think the 2 dislikes are young kids blinded by idols who cant see real singers

  8. amon3331 says:


  9. hjmkyhlmj says:

    I believe It’s 김형중(Kim Hyungzoong).

  10. supa258 says:

    @whatsupmychinks Park Hyo Shin <3333

  11. likeloveloathe says:

    who is at 0:25?

  12. slypatt2 says:

    jellyfish is full of beautiful voices~! love hyoshin and sikyung’s voice much!!
    and seriously, hyoshin just gets cuter and sweeter all the time.. gonna miss him lots when he goes for military service!!

  13. Paddioria says:

    this song made my X’mas this year! thanks so much! i love this song! love Brian, Park Hyo Shin and Sung Shi Kyung!!!!!!!!!

  14. AzureSteel says:

    Where can I find the Romaji lyrics????

  15. MsSumilee says:

    The voice of Mr.sung is very sweet!!
    I’m pleased to heard you’re song.
    I hope this album is a good seller.

  16. elisaprasina says:

    Antes de abandonar la industria de la música, Park Hyo Shin tendrá su último concierto titulado The Gift el 19 de diciembre en el teatro Dome del estadio Jamsil.


  17. thesexxxxxx says:

    Oh Seo In Gook is the guy who I didn’t know in the G20 Summit song that I really liked. =] <33

  18. vueyoua says:

    Park Hyo Shin! *_*

  19. gurlx2 says:

    who is that cute guy with the reindeer antlers??

  20. LeoDahLion93 says:

    @tayterrtrot yes she iss.

  21. hikonnijiwa says:


  22. deuxdoom3 says:

    이 노래 너무 좋아요 !!! 다들 화음도 잘맞구~ 리사의 하~얀 할때는 마치 higher하는 듯한 느낌이라 더 좋음

  23. KiddWhoFOBS says:

    can someone tell me the order
    of the artists in which they sing?

  24. PhEllanPh says:

    wow this is a rlly good song! i love it! i c seo in gook and brian <33

  25. tayterrtrot says:

    Her name is Lisa.
    She is a wonderful singer isn’t she :)

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