China Open 2011: Ma Long-Lee Sang Su – Become a Fan! – Follow! ======= Table Tennis: China Open 2011, Shenzhen, Sat 18th June 2011, Quarterfinal Men’s singles: Ma Long (CHN) vs. Lee Sang Su (KOR) ======= If you like my videos subscribe and make sure to become a fan on facebook and follow on twitter to get the latest updates.
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36 Responses to “China Open 2011: Ma Long-Lee Sang Su”

  1. hello520111 says:

    @Stephffanno because they are afraid of the 40mm ball.

  2. lightmobile says:

    This match is too tight for my liking…Lee Sang Su is especially so anxious to attack that he goes all or nothing on every shot. As a result most rallies are less than 4 shots.

  3. blkhwk737 says:

    Ma Long hits the ball simply TOO EFF’ing HARD!!!

  4. dingyibvs says:

    Lee lost this game due to his very poor short game. Too many bad service returns or returns of short service returns.

  5. PintoTM says:

    @Stephffanno expensive trip, none possibilities to win some prize

  6. alaskaguy567 says:

    @HrMerrlol True but honestly i dont think its good enough, the Chinese are clearly dominating the sport of table tennis. For example look at the top ten in the world. There are more Chinese than any other country. And my favorite Player Timo can definitely win but hes pretty much the only one that can do it consistently. Ovtcharov is getting there

  7. kaikaz says:

    I hate it when people post who won and who lost…

  8. bigwallace33 says:

    that 2nd and 3rd game must have felt like climbing an avalanche for lee sang su

  9. exepatrick says:

    Lee’s forehand sucks like hell!!!

  10. kuvhlubkojxwb2010 says:

    LOL lee sang su … seems to be a newbie vs Ma Long !!!

  11. HrMerrlol says:

    The Europeans are probably competing in Bundesliga and the likes. There are times when the Chinese won’t enter tournaments (Korean Open last year) due to previous and more appealing committments such as the Chinese Superleague. Likewise this is probably the case for the Europeans. Timo Boll and Ovtcharov are two European players that are certainly ready to take on the Chinese – in fact they beat them with a reasonable degree of frequency.

  12. alaskaguy567 says:

    @Stephffanno i dont think they are good enough

  13. brenktt says:

    lee started so well but wasn’t able to keep that high level

  14. casualcuber says:

    1:37 insane angle

  15. Kakashinoor says:

    @Stephffanno They can’t compete. Those who try get eliminated early.

  16. tanxu says:

    they dont wanna fly 10 hours to get their asses handed to them

  17. DoN253 says:

    @Stephffanno i think its cause the season in europe has finished and the players making a pause or are in holidays

  18. kakeylou says:

    Cause they haven’t got a chance. LOL JK
    There were, but most of them cancelled, dunno why.

  19. andychiu2009 says:

    how can you get the movie??
    I can’t find that in ItTV in

  20. Stephffanno says:

    A question: why aren’t there any european players in this open?

  21. mcr1003 says:

    Lee Sang Su and backhand points

  22. CrawSpecificated says:

    Lee has the backhand. Maybe his forehand needs a bit more consistency.
    He beat Xu Xin earlier in the tournament, so this loss isn’t a drama…

  23. 88keyboard says:

    at the end of the game, malong services is a bit like xu xin ones lol

  24. oldolchen says:

    new service =)

  25. BollForte94 says:

    thanks !

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