Can somone please save me from soon to be over due homework??

Question by punks_view420: Can somone please save me from soon to be over due homework??
I need some examples of how Justin Timberlakes albums and wut not are markerted. I’ve searched on ever search engine that comes to mind. And can find nothing pretaining to this subject. My paper is due tuesday and the marketing part is all I have left to do. I’m ready to pull my hair out. All advice is greatly appreciated.

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Answer by norcekri
Every hit on a JT item is an example of how his products are marketed. How could you miss them all? You have the distribution vectors, the advertising text, the marketing presentation, and pricing points. Were you expecting a summary from his public agents?

Put your hair back in, grab those examples you already have, and start making generalizations. I suspect that this one hint will put you solidly on the right track — if you’ve already done all that research, you’re nearly ready to start writing.

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  1. Genevieve O says:

    I seem to recall that Justin Timberlake’s albums and image were marketed to young black girls in the early days of his solo career. His appeal seemed to be from being part of a popular singing group but also from emulating old school R&B. He’s seemingly made the transition from Mickey Mousketeer to an adult recording artist. That’s not very easy.
    Why don’t you look him up on MTV or CNN or simply Wikipedia to find out the label he is signed with and how they manage similar performers? He’s very much a part of corporate America.
    Also, here’s something else. Most magazines serve as publicity for singers and their albums; the publicity sells the image and the album of the artist. Check what covers Timberlake has been on and note down the different ways his image is being presented to the public and how it varies from album to album.

  2. Carin1121 says:

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  3. Nasim1153 says:

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