Are there any colleges in san diego teaching SEO and Social media?

Question by wjaur: Are there any colleges in san diego teaching SEO and Social media?
Looking for tech school that teaching Search engine optimization and social media. does anyone know of any in san diego. Should i be aware of anything? what should i consider when looking at a college? would it be better to study a broader field?

any advice is very much appreciated.


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Answer by BlueBoden
Likely not, since SEO is a constantly changing field, with way to many opinions rather then facts. Its easy to get trapped between people who know what they are talking about, and people who just re-state whatever the experts are saying, some even mix it with their own myths to spice things up a bit.

So beware of anyone teaching SEO, or taking money to teach SEO. Most of what you need to know, can be picked up in a few moments from Tutorials online.

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  1. Mark Willium says:


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  2. Moshe Chandler says:

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  3. Mekhi2041 says:

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