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Question by Jane S: Anyone here ever do business with contacted me about website exposure and marketing on search engines. I was just curious to see if anyone knows about them or has done business with Visible in the past.

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Answer by Steve C
i have not used them

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  1. Consultant says:

    In the past year and a half we have been contacted by numerous companies, offering their services and expertise to enhance our existing website. Two to three months ago, we were contacted by Visible with the same pitch. At that time, we weren’t ready to make any decisions regarding our website, but I told the rep if he wanted to give us about 30 days and make a call back, we might be ready. He called again approximately a month later and once again, I asked him to call back. He waited another month and contacted us. We were impressed, each time, by his pleasant demeanor and lack of pressure. It was also the first time that any company rep had taken the initiative to call back as requested. Most, just “move on” if they don’t make that “initial sale”.

    Due to the timing of our business AND’s gentle persistence, we agreed to listen to additional information regarding your company’s ability to build a viable website for our shop and, subsequently, signed an agreement with I guess we, somewhat, expected the service level to change once the contract had been signed, but that has not been the case. Since signing the contract to build our site, several weeks ago, we continue to have contact with friendly, reactive staff from this company. Each person, has been extremely genial and professional, making sure we had all of our questions answered and understood the process. Each provided contact information in case of any questions or concerns.

    Having taught customer/guest service seminars in a past life, I understand the importance of taking the time to recognize good service, not just bad. Many times companies only hear about when they “screw up” and not when things go well. That is why we are taking the time to write this “long-winded” answer.

  2. Consultant says:

    I saw that link the other guy sent. Looks to me like there is a lot more good about them than bad. Probably the normal customer issues that are dealt with by every bigger company. I was able to find positive reviews in quality places including Insider Pages, Yahoo and Google. There’s more, but looks like they are on the up and up, or at least try to be.