Advise from a Marketing Guru needed…?

Question by kmichaelmaloney: Advise from a Marketing Guru needed…?
Ok ..Here is the Scenario…not actual , so as not to give away my idea. I have a travel idea …my site that I have registered SPEAKS travel.

I want to approach businesses with my IDEA in which the name of my site fits the particular businesses services that are offered.

I am in the process of building my website. I get about 500 hits per month right now and have all the search engines…Yahoo Slurp, Google Bot and others scanning my site on a daily basis.

I want to be an advertising board so to speak. The idea would be to charge these businesses 50.00 a month to advertise there product on my site with a blurb about the activity, contact info and web info of the company. I just dont know how to approach these companys and how much to charge for advertising there info on my site that does not currently have high traffic…please, any ideas, advise …would be great ….thanks!

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Answer by scott.braden
Well I’m not sure I’m a guru but I am sure there’s nothing new or secret about the idea. It’s a simple advertising site. Google built their business on an advertising model, as have thousands of other sites.

The real question you have to be able to answer is, “how much _qualified_ traffic can you guarantee me?” which is what I would ask if you want me to advertise.

500 hits a month ain’t much. Sorry.. if you want to make serious money off of this you’ll want tens of thousands of hits per month, at least.

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  1. pilgrim traveler says:

    Go to some of these businesses and apply for a real job. Looks like your dreaming up a get rich scheme. I can tell you as a person in business for 25 years, I wouldn’t spend a penny advertising on a site with 500 hits a month. When you get to 500.000 I’ll take a look at your idea. It’s good that you are looking for entreprneurial ideas though. I applaude you for that. If you strike it rich, I’ll eat my laptop! peace

  2. Zach B says:

    A) No company will pay for advertising on an affiliate page (that would be you) that is getting under 10,000 clicks a month.

    B) You will need to start your site, whatever that might be, and give it at least six months so you can show possible advertisers your statistics.

    C) I would recommend hiring an outside promotion company that specializes in web promos for your initial six month period. If you would like more information about good companies to use… you may email me.

    Good luck…

  3. Anthony says:

    I would build the site with solid original content and monetize it with Google AdSense as you build. There are plenty of sites that offer advertising in travel and you will need to have more than a site that “speaks travel”. You will need to show these advertisers raw numbers.

    for example is someone is paying $ 5 per 1,000 visits per month. If you have 500 visitors (not just hits) per month, your traffic is worth $ 2.50 per month at that rate.

    To sell advertising effectively, you will want to generate a minimum of 10,000 visitors per month (which at a $ 5/1,000 rate would give you $ 50 per month. Otherwise your potential advertisers wont think it is money well spent.

    The other thing to know is that there are so many better ways for companies to spend $ 50 per month. If they do a simple pay per click campaign, at .50 per click, they are guaranteed 100 targeted visitors, where as they would most likely not even see that many visitors if you had 10,000 visits per month.