a question about search engines.?

Question by zvb s: a question about search engines.?
How can you tell how many search queries a given search phrase gets per month say “internet marketing” -thanks

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Answer by Kokopelli
You can’t.

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  1. John H says:

    If you use Google or Yahoo’s Pay Per Click Programs, that search option is available.


  2. smdace007 says:

    Hello, I hope this helps.
    I beg to differ with the first answer to this question, because you can.

    It is not an exact science, but if you use Yahoo’s Keyword selector tool called Overture (rumor has it that this may not be around much longer) http://inventory.overture.com/d/searchinventory/suggestion/

    it shows 114615 searches for internet marketing for the month of February 2007.

    Now if you figure the overall “search” market that Yahoo has compared to Google, MSN and the rest ie. Google=70%;
    Yahoo=20%, MSN=9% and the other 1% is shared by the hundreds of other search engines out there today.

    Then the 114615 is roughly 20% of the times in February that the Phrase “Internet Marketing” was searched for.

    Steve Dougherty