3. How does search engine spider work?

Question by Faisal: 3. How does search engine spider work?
I am gonna start a ppc campaign and need to learn about search engine optimization. And I need good suggestions.

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Answer by David Lenef
I believe this is a bigger question than you realize. I can tell by the way you phrase your question that you’re pretty new to this search engine business.

I urge you to take the time to get very familiar with PPC before diving in. Otherwise, you are most guaranteed to waste a lot of money if you simply start running ads without knowing what you’re doing.

With SEO, the risks are different. You can get penalized by search engines at worst if you start optimizing and link building without some solid knowledge.

There is SO much information on the web about this stuff, it’s really difficult for someone just starting out to find good sources of information. Instead, I strongly suggest that you read a book or two.

For PPC, I recommend “Google Adwords for Dummies” (Howie Jacobson) and “Pay-Per-Click Search Engine Marketing: An Hour a Day” (David Szetela). Both of these authors are very knowledgeable and write clearly, and their books are still fairly current.

I’m not as familiar with the SEO side of things, but Peter Kent’s “Search Engine Optimization For Dummies” is a recent publication and has attracted very good reviews and ratings on Amazon.

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