2010 MAMA Best New Artist – Male/Female

2010 MAMA Best New Male Artist CNBLUE/INFINITE/TIN TOP/SEO IN GOOK/ZE:A 2010 MAMA Best New Female Artist G.NA/Miss A/NINE MUSES/Rainbow/Sistar

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  1. hockeygirl90 says:

    @fernandotorres84 thats because sm artist refused to appear at the mama this year because of problems between sm and mnet

  2. cakenpudding says:

    …who the hell are these people…

  3. bobosierap says:

    Search “AQE_miss A” on facebook. That’s Miss A’s officlal facebook acoount. Thumb up so that it will be on the top comments and other YouTube users can see and like Miss A’s page.

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  4. EunhyukAnchovy5 says:

    @XIAOSAB123 sm DID NOT do all the activities to make them popular. they ALREADY popular. Just because other companies don’t do much for the groups under them doesn’t mean sme did that to raise their popularity. and u know what? i think groups under SM are the one who lead the Korean Wave. Songs like Sorry Sorry and Gee are the ones that REALLY opens up the world’s eyes to Kpop. and i think groups under SME deserves to win. How come they win the votes but didn’t win the awards? Thats bullshit!

  5. fernandotorres84 says:

    @XIAOSAB123 What What???

  6. XIAOSAB123 says:

    @cikmei nah their ain’t popular if they are popular why sm have to do so much thing to make them popular?

  7. XIAOSAB123 says:

    @fernandotorres84 nah allkpop is true

  8. Bratzpipe says:

    Seriously.. why do you all hate snsd.. i love them. I CANT STAND IT WHENEVER EVERY SINGLE TIME ANOTHER ARTIST DOESNT WIN AND SNSD WINS YOU START SAYING SNSD DONT DESERVE IT. seriously?! i think they deserve it okay..

  9. cikmei says:

    @XIAOSAB123 snsd buying award?seriously???wow..seems that they are not good at all..just popular..popularity without quality..sorry sone..u guyz should realize that

  10. specialmimi52 says:


  11. specialmimi52 says:


  12. anime7world says:

    I wuv Infinite :3

  13. MewIchigo10982 says:

    Dude, even though I’m a Blackjack and better yet a CLassified I know for sure that Miss A is UP THERE man. They’re not on 2NE1′s or sadly for even that matter SNSD’s *shivers* but Miss A is the best rookie. Point blank.

  14. XIAOSAB123 says:

    @fernandotorres84 i hate snsd too but it a fact that they buy the awards even sones know that no alllkpop awards is serious 2ne1 is the most popular female artist now

  15. fernandotorres84 says:

    @XIAOSAB123 I don’t think so!!
    Although I really hate SNSD (and it’s that truth) I know they are quite popular!!
    But if you saw the votes on mama then you should know that SNSD didn’t have so much votes,but Super Junior was number 1 in a lot of category…
    Allkpop awards are not something serious…I think…

  16. XIAOSAB123 says:

    @fernandotorres84 i mean mama is not a joke snsd did not win any awards in allkpop and in mama.they won in golden disk but they brought the awards not they win it with their songs or dance and i am not sure whether shinee buy any awards but i am sure that snsd buy lots of awards like all the awards that what i heard and read so mama is not a joke golden disk is more of a joke

  17. fernandotorres84 says:

    @XIAOSAB123 I don’t really get it…what do you talking about???
    Please write it down again coz I can’t understand this!!

  18. XIAOSAB123 says:

    @fernandotorres84 please la mama is not a joke voting part you sure ?in allkpop do you know that snsd did not win anything???and shinee won only best cherography !snsd?? they are only good in buying awards the buy the golden disk award mama is not a joke golden disk is more a joke

  19. uiuio7410 says:

    CN BLUE!!

  20. fernandotorres84 says:

    @hamirilive But you answered to me,to MY comment!
    But okay…fine!!
    Let’s stop this!

  21. hamirilive says:

    @fernandotorres84 I kno, i wasn’t blaming u, I WROTE THAT FOR THE GENERAL PUBLIC, just to let them know becuz they are STILL babbling on about this

  22. wink5744 says:

    Cnblue, Teen Top, Infinite, Ze:a :D
    G-Na, Miss A, Rainbow, Sistar

  23. fernandotorres84 says:

    @hamirilive MAMA was months ago and you write now.???
    I won’t argue with you coz I know i voted everyday!!
    That’s all!!! Next time write in the right time!!

  24. hamirilive says:

    @fernandotorres84 dude, MAMA is not based only on their own decisions, IF U WANT SME ARTISTS TO WIN, GO VOTE FOR THEM, don’t put the blame on MNET

  25. blahblah2018 says:

    wow, all Korean? lol

  26. Arturo444 says:

    I needed a strong IQ make sure the final results were being unfavorable.

  27. Gerwyn1518 says:

    Im looking forward for your subsequent release, Ill try and have the cling of computer!

  28. Mattea806 says:

    One out of each and every 12 people is born to grant one other in search of problems.