110821 – 110823 l KPOP CHART l HD l 2011 August Week 3 l (110807 – 110813)

KPOP “Gaon” Chart / Digital l TOP30 l weekly l August week 3 Facts about GAON source: www.gaonchart.co.kr – the national chart of South Korea and is intended to be the equivalent of Japan’s ‘Oricon’ and the American ‘Billboard’ chart. ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ Intro: Nine Muses – Figaro TOP30 *30. Hwanhee – Love Pain *29. TeenTop – No more perfume on you *28. Lim Jae Bum – Share the Vision *27. 4minute – Freestyle *26. 2ne1 – I am the best *25. Koyote – If you dont like it now *24. Jaejoong (JYJ) – I’ll Protect You *23. MBLAQ – Mona Lisa *22. GG ft. Park Bom – I cheated *21. Davichi – Heaven *20. Dalshabet – Bling Bling *19. Baek Ji Young- Today Im Loving You *18. Afterschool – In the night sky *17. Seo In Guk – Shake it up *16. Defconn ft. Minah – How to Leave the Rapper Part 2 *15. Hyuna – Bubble pop! *14. Homme – Laughing cuz Im a man *13. 4men – Vision of Love *12. Ha Dong Kyun & Lee Jung – I’ll wait *11. T ara – Roly Poly *10. SunnyHill – Pray *9. Infinite – Be Mine *8. Leessang ft. Jung in,nalyu – Grand Final *7. 2ne1 – Hate You *6. Kim Bum Soo & Lena Park – People,Love *5. Miss A – Goodbye Baby *4. Junsu (JYJ) – You are so beautiful *3. Super Juniour- Mr. Simple *2. 2ne1 – Ugly *1. SISTAR – So Cool NOTE: I am a singer songs are not included. :)
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Video Rating: 5 / 5

45 Responses to “110821 – 110823 l KPOP CHART l HD l 2011 August Week 3 l (110807 – 110813)”

  1. far1dable says:

    This just digital chart, not album chart included. Girl Group always strong in digital but not physical album

  2. tashaaleia says:

    What’s wrong with you guys?? So what? SISTAR won. And maybe their dance moves and song are suck to you guys but the result of this chart is based on votes. You can’t do anything about it. If you want your favorite group to won, then vote for them, not saying bad things to the other group. Just give SISTAR a chance. They rarely won. Anyway, congrats SISTAR~

  3. tashaaleia says:

    Teen top..from 15 to 29.. thta’s alot of numbers. Teen Top Fighting!!

  4. Kathe01leo says:

    HyunA & INFINITE!!!<3<3

  5. dragt24 says:

    who among them wil often touch their assess wil win..:D poor women!!!

  6. cutieepiee233 says:

    stop dissing other artists songs. jeez.
    this is all from people voting in korea and ratings….. :)

  7. TrangT2zz says:

    leessang jjang

  8. 2819942011 says:

    bullshit what’s with the so cool number one song !

  9. iLuvBigBang93 says:

    How come “Bubble shit” is higher than “I’m the best”?? Bullshit!

  10. alyaabiebette says:

    lolipoli loli loli poli , hehehee

  11. Hige09 says:

    teen top. Most addicting song ever.

  12. kimmison1 says:

    2ne1 ILove you!!!!!!!!!

  13. CasiDextra says:

    Why is no1 going to ppl whose choreography consists of putting their hands on their assess. This is embarrassing. 2ne1 is number 1!

  14. snowangel1611 says:


  15. 13loodLust says:

    @kanariin Cause they be shaking their booties all around.

  16. SongHyeSoo says:

    OMG my JJ (Jaejoong) ;D

  17. Issabella2all says:


  18. YuiKazumiya says:

    I see. Thanks for the information.
    They deserve top 10 ^__^

  19. wendyjanine07 says:

    @YuiKazumiya @timcapy95 I remember – bang yong gook ft yoseob is on #32 :) surely they will enter the top 30 on Week 4 .. :)

  20. YuiKazumiya says:

    Asking myself the same : ((

  21. petinadn says:


  22. kanariin says:

    how can sistar’s ranking be higher than super junior and 2ne1???

  23. solange1994 says:


  24. CiaoSV says:

    FAC/// sistar??????????

  25. TheShineOnU says:

    Sistar…so cool….damn nice…!!!

  26. indiaman78 says:

    밑에 안돼는 영어로 글 적지 마라 짜증난다..

  27. LXKeemProductions says:


    Seotaiji & Game – Put U On The Game / 필승 mix 2011


  28. seotaiji08 says:

    서태지는 사운드에 비해 보컬이 좀 부자연 스럽다고 생각했었는데 모아이는 참 잘 어울리네요.

  29. xonlyxjojox says:

    saranghyooooooo!!!!! i love this song make’s me happy

  30. ramiel2000 says:

    haha “Where is it next time?” at the end XD Seo Taiji is so funny in the most banal way XD

  31. geekyjade says:

    He look younger and hotter with every passing year! how is that possible! I am in love with seo taiji all over again!

  32. taijicita says:

    in 3:46 his facee iss so cute

  33. sammy110807 says:


  34. Boshetunmai says:

    he’s a genius

  35. fdp8150 says:

    리믹스는 그닥 맘에들진않던뎅..
    뭐 하튼 대장쵝오

  36. chrisbmagic says:

    i love the synth in this mix.

  37. happyjihad says:

    Is this the moai remix?

  38. KevinZS says:

    great video. 숲속버전 fitted perfectly for MOAI

  39. lovetaiji says:

    내 몸이 청정지역으로 바뀐듯 ,,,숲속버전도 최고!

  40. jaehyun426 says:

    my fav version ^ ^

  41. Roni1807 says:

    Exactly who affirms few things are unattainable? I’ve been not doing anything for years.

  42. Kamala970 says:

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  43. Najim1730 says:

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