110610 Dream Concert 2011 (Full) Part [7/8]

TVXQ, KARA, SHINee, Beast, 4minute, 2PM, FT Island, f(x), G.NA, miss A, Kim Tae Woo, Seo In Kook, SECRET, SISTAR, IU, Rainbow, After School, U-KISS, Eru, K-Will, Jewelry, T-ara, 5dolls, Flower, Kim Soo Hyun. MCs Kim Heechul, Goo Hara, and Soong Joong Ki. Performances from 2011Dream Concert Full Show 110610 Dream Concert 2011 Full

Synopsis: An ordinary college student, Lee Seol, finds out she’s a princess. The grandson of Daehan Group, Park Hae Young, is put in charge of educating Seol on proper etiquette. However, Hae Young is put in a precarious situation when he finds himself drawn to Seol, the girl who will take away his inheritance if the monarchy is restored. Cast: Song Seung Hun as Park Hae Young Choi Won Hong as young Hae Young Kim Tae Hee as Lee Seol Jun Min Seo as young Seol Park Ye Jin as Oh Yoon Joo Ryu Soo Young as Nam Jung Woo Lee Soon Jae as President Park Dong Jae (Hae Young’s grandfather) Maeng Sang Hoon as Oh Ki Taek (Yoon Joo’s father) Kang Ye Sol as Lee Dan (Seol’s adoptive sister) Im Ye Jin as Kim Da Bok (Seol’s adoptive mother) Lee Ki Kwang as Lee Geon (Royal chef) Son Sung Yoon as Shin Mi So (Royal maid, most loyal to Seol) Hwang Young Hee (황영희) as Hong In Ae (Royal chief maid) Lee Sung Min as Lee Young Chan (Korea’s president) Lee Dae Yeon as So Sun Woo (senator) Choi Yoo Hwa as Kang Sun Ah Baek Bong Ki as Bong Jae (Park Dong Jae’s henchman) Heo Tae Hee as Bo Jwa Gwan (senator’s subordinate) Chu Hun Yub as Yoo Ki Kwang (journalist) Min Joon Hyun as Ki Ja Park Hyuk Kwon (박혁권) as Lee Han (Seol’s real father) Park Jung Woo as Park Tae Jun (Hae Young’s father) 16 Episodes in total

55 Responses to “110610 Dream Concert 2011 (Full) Part [7/8]”

  1. ngoc131376 says:


  2. ngoc131376 says:

    i say ” 2 ” u say “PM ”
    it’s ~ 2~P~M~~~~~~!!

  3. CrustyCrackers says:

    he drop his mic (2PM) at 13:44!!! i don’t his name ^^

  4. CrustyCrackers says:

    he drop his mic (2PM)!!! i don’t his name ^^

  5. smelyss says:

    2pm fighting!!! yeah bitches the Hottest!! <3

  6. LaRhai says:

    2pm.!! <3 saranghae

  7. Sharonkhj says:

    2PM!! Love them all -3

  8. VampiresAngelz17 says:

    2PM ^^

  9. nas2bb says:

    ahhhhhhh 2PM !!! Best part :)
    Jun Ho… so sexy……. :x xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  10. fabbyabby99 says:

    2PM!!!!! WOOYOUNG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<3

  11. cute05798 says:


  12. youmeandh3r says:

    waaaaa waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh !! 2PM!!!!! xD

  13. FamilyOfCassiopeia says:

    13:44 ChanSung looks so cute :x

  14. tyzjj says:

    2pm fighting! :D i love them mannnnnn!!!!!!!!

  15. PhVkUmkAng says:

    @MPMAY3 ohh!! Tks ….

  16. jiayi200 says:

    I bet bet there were khuntoria moments BTS~

  17. BlackLadyRockz says:

    sunset glow?!!!!! yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!!! 4minute mirror mirror awesome!!! 2PM!! AHHHHHHHH!! these boys always make my heart feel happy :) ))!!

  18. MPMAY3 says:

    @PhVkUmkAng SUNSET GLOW by Lee Moon Sae. I prefer BigBang version

  19. sn4dsica says:

    why hyunah looklike old girl – -”

  20. xXxS7xXx says:

    2pm <3333 wooyoung <3

  21. BingBaxia says:

    f(x)!!! ^-^

  22. pla2523 says:

    2PM ><“

  23. Brizeyri3 says:

    @PhVkUmkAng I also want to know what the song 4:40 min

  24. PhVkUmkAng says:

    what’s the song @ 4:40 ???

  25. meeno24315 says:

    My 2PM boys. :) awaiting your comeback so that you’ll all rule the stage once again. :)

  26. weirdfunnycoolvids says:

    I’m weird BC I think its absolutely beautiful wen a guy cries

  27. JeniWithOneN says:

    Those poor dogs never get any food. lol

  28. lovelymira23 says:

    i agree,100%…… they have to learn from him .

  29. khadra20 says:

    magic words ‘saranghanda ‘ and the door is opened, he should of said it when the sun was out!

  30. b2stluvsick3 says:

    …why is she going so close to Geon?! D<

  31. love251290 says:

    the end part.. aaaah! replay button! :)

  32. zulhannaZHN says:

    @VickyVicVicx why u say like that?

  33. VickyVicVicx says:

    I thought the princess was really cool. But she’s acting so childish!

  34. laskecup123 says:

    everytime hae you is crying i want just jumped on him and hug him verry thightly >.<

  35. TheLili1998 says:

    OMOOOOOOOOO~ ! I was expecting an “Iloveyou~” and a kiss , but I laughed & smiled like a crazy girl ! ;3 Like “Hihihihouhouhouhahahahahahahahiiiiiiiiiiiihohoooooo~~” :3

  36. VicoMcFly says:


  37. onnie04142k3 says:

    hay naku! oppa! at long last you say the magic word… “ILOVEYOU!” :D

  38. windaul says:

    bobo waaa

  39. 08dHiaNe says:

    omoooooooo…… mwuah!!!!

  40. Glennnagape12 says:

    Favorite episode in all the dramas ive ever watched…

  41. TheKISC says:

    WHAAAAAAAAT seol is so lucky. I feel so forever alone while watching this.

  42. julasfaromar says:

    “I miss you 24 hours a day so what am I supposed to do?” shhhhittt, thats the sweetest words ever. envy her.

  43. julasfaromar says:

    Hae Young.. marry me.

  44. TheSandra348 says:

    OMGG!! gikwang is soo freaking cute!!^^

  45. lolitaXroses says:

    Ugh I wish all guys acted like the men in kdramas ;______________;

  46. Melissa18673 says:

    HOW ROMANTIC CAN A GUY BE!!! Wanne have a husband like THAT!!^ _ ^

  47. RaawrKhj says:


  48. RaawrKhj says:

    @lightninggod55 hhahaha amen !

  49. MsDramafreak123 says:

    why is she mad at him ? -.-

  50. toshytosh04 says:

    OMG Lee Seoul is a retaaaaard!! Quit your freaking crying and open the door u dummy!! lol Gawd!

  51. Indira425 says:

    have been just about any reports criticized at all? was this company referred to as in query?

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  53. Zuhaib2083 says:

    Numerous thank you!

  54. Kali436 says:

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  55. Flor482 says:

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