How do you know if a forum has a “no follow” for backlinks / link building? SEO?

by tm-md

Question by Josh Y: How do you know if a forum has a “no follow” for backlinks / link building? SEO?
Thats it. Im performing SEO for my new site! How do I know if the forums allow backlinks (all do I know) but how do you know if you get credit for ranking? is there a firefox ad on or a site I can check before I start (potentially wasting my time) back linking?

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Answer by Merlin Rehus
You can check it with nodo-follow add-on as it highlighted the text with different colour for no-follow and do-follow blogs.You can also check it in the page source by right clicking on your home-page and clicking on page source and then search for no-follow and if it’s there then its no-follow otherwise it’s do-follow. For more details visit:-

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Typical prices for SEO Search engine optimisation?

Question by Sean: Typical prices for SEO Search engine optimisation?
My new website is just starting to take on large amounts of business, and i want to know if i should increase my prices or not? its currently around £150 initial then £35 a month for permanent SEO services. if this reasonable? we also offer a money back guarantee for anyone not satisfied.

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Answer by Leonid Singha
In today’s competitive market suddenly increase in the prices of goods and services may occur a serious problem.
If you want to get SEO done by others then come to me.We are very cheap and offer quality service.

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what is search engine optimisation?

Question by harideeep: what is search engine optimisation?
what is importance of seo.

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Answer by rksistu
Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the visibility of a website or a web page in search engines via the “natural” or “un-paid” or “organic” search results.

Search engine optimization is simply the practice of making your website or blog more accessible to both search engines and search engine users; in other words, you’re making it easier for them to find you

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Understanding how web-url forwarding effects Search engine crawler SEO?

Question by John K: Understanding how web-url forwarding effects Search engine crawler SEO?
Hi!! I’ve got some complex questions regarding search engine optimization and resolving them will help me have a simpler relationship with my websites and blogs.

1. If my blog url is and I forward that to “” how will that effect the webcrawler effect? Like I use a LOT of domain forwarding to link up blogs like to a simpler domain. Will that detract from site rank and chances to show up higher on searches?

Like if if forwarded to will having that forward “dampen” the effect of search engine optimization? Like would search engines crawl out or Thank you!

In otherwords let’s say I have a site and it’s address is

and I forward a bunch of domains like “” to it. And then I only tell people about” so everyone FINDS through… would that impact my SEO. I’d want’s ranking ot get high, but everyone knows it as Thanks!

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Answer by Adrienne D
First, you need to make sure you’re doing the right kind of redirect. A 301 redirect will transfer most — but not all — of a website’s ranking power from one domain to another. So technically, yes, you are “dampening” the effect a bit. And while Google tends to handle 301 redirects well, some search engines don’t.

Regardless, I would not recommend that anyone run a website on a blogspot domain if they plan to make long-term money with it. You’re way better off hosting your site on your own domain.

Otherwise, you’re always subject to the whims of blogspot. If they decide to shut you down, there’s really not much you can do about it.

If you’re not ready to make that leap, it is definitely a good idea to promote your own domain name and redirect the traffic to the blogspot domain. You want to accumulate as much authority and traffic as possible on a domain *you* own.

Good luck!

Adrienne Doss

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Need correct answer for my test?

Question by shamoon: Need correct answer for my test?
Q 31:
What is “bounce rate” in terms of email marketing?
a.The percentage of emails sent to a list which are returned as undeliverable
b.The percentage of repeat clients
c.The percentage of people who receive an email and buy the product
d.The percentage of people who click the links in an email

Q 32:
Why have social networkings sites become a popular of internet marketing?
a.They are free and easy to use
b.They guarantee more traffic to your site
c.Ease of use, large number of users, easy to target specific demographic
d.They are a passing trend

Q 33:
What should a company do once it achieves its search engine ranking goals?
a.Stop promoting the site
b.Constantly monitor and improve their site in order to maintain their ranking
c.Revise the site once in awhile
d.Sell advertising on their site

Q 34:
How are keywords utilized by search engines?
a.The are all that the search engines uses to rank pages
b.The keywords are a brief description of what topic your site relates to
c.They help the search engine decide how good your sites content as
d.The keywords guarantee positioning

Q 35:
What is an auto-responder?
a.A person who replies to all email for the company
b.An automatic email message sent to someone who takes an action such as submitting a form on a company website
c.A method of direction communication with clients
d.A email relay system

Q 36:
What is a site index?
a.A page which has a linkable outline of all the pages on a website
b.A site with only 1 page
c.A special with special deals for purchasers
d.A special ranking with search engines

Q 37:
What is a secondary reason to actively maintain a company blog, besides giving potential customers something to read?
a.It keeps the marketing staff busy in down times
b.It impression clients
c.A well maintained blog will help increase pages rank with search engines
d.It makes the company seem larger than it is

Q 38:
What is the purpose of a traditional press release?
a.It acts as a direct marketing sales tools
b.It can be mailed out to potential clients
c.It announce company information to a widely dispersed group of people
d.It target markets to internet users

Q 39:
What is a “call to action”?
a.Hoping the customers buys your product
b.Recruiting new employees
c.Creating a new ad campaign
d.Using verbs to encourage people to take an action

Q 40:
Why is it important to fine tune the timing of the ad and keywords used?
a.It costs less in later hours
b.To be sure to spend more money on marketing
c.Required by law
d.To carefully target the customer base desired, not wasting impression and clicks

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Answer by Chronos
Hey, I wish that I could get answers to _my_ tests on Yahoo!Answers too.

Do your own school work.

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Q&A: Moroccan owned guesthouse in Meknes?

Question by Matt84: Moroccan owned guesthouse in Meknes?
Does anyone know a nice riad or guesthouse or small hotel in Meknes that is Moroccan owned?

No, not looking for one of the highly marketed ones in the search engines… right one of these small jewels that normally nobody finds or knows… only meknessi.


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Answer by lolita
am sorry
i don t know any body who owns a guesthouse in meknes.

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come and see, how SEO optimizations really works?

Question by sufiyan.munir: come and see, how SEO optimizations really works?
SEO (search engine) OPTIMIZATIONS ::
85% of all website traffic originates from search engines…. Can you really afford to lose that much business?

eVISION uses tried and tested methods for attaining a high ranking for your website on many popular search engines, thus increasing your website’s visibility and, accordingly, traffic. We give you the results you seek without any excuses. That’s a guarantee!
Our optimization experts understand that skillful keyword selection and placement, polished content writing, and short and precise meta-text are the key elements in the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) process. Additionally, since search engines no longer merely scan meta-text in ranking your website, over one hundred other factors have to be considered during optimization, including your website’s popularity compared against your competitors.
start marketing of your website at :

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Answer by linkme2mrseo

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reason that with one server site comes at first position and on othr server on same search engine comes at 500?

Question by vikas s: reason that with one server site comes at first position and on othr server on same search engine comes at 500?
Google ranking fluctuation A question for Search Engine Optimization

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Answer by Doctor Deth
the server site has nothing to do with anything – it’s the relevance of the webpage

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who can help me to learn about search engine?

Question by golden boy: who can help me to learn about search engine?
search engine optimization

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Answer by $ mantra $
It’s helps a lot for learning SEO ..

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What is MTT software?

Question by shimmery: What is MTT software?
I was going to market my website with this site that guaranteed me traffic. They say that I dont have to pay anything until I see results. They guarantee me that I will make $ 100,000 in 4 months. The catch is that I will have to paid for a domain name and host for the MTT software they use to market websites site through search engines. What exactly is ‘MTT software domain and host’. I try looking it up but no sucess.

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Answer by woojy
software that is empty (M-T)

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