Q&A: Please help me to finding any medical seo company?

by jlori

Question by Jessica Scott: Please help me to finding any medical seo company?
I want to create a medical directory, so I am finding any company which is design my Medical directory and develop it, please help me?

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Q&A: How do you get into the SEO field?

Question by MilaRoo: How do you get into the SEO field?
Have business/marketing degree but want to learn more.

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Answer by private user
The same way as you go into your marketing degree. Make ambition and start learning about it.

To know about the basics you may refer this SEO article : http://www.webtoolhub.com/article-a21-what-is-search-engine-optimization-seo.aspx

For SEM refer this : http://www.webtoolhub.com/article-a20-what-is-search-engine-marketing-sem.aspx

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What/where is Sonor’s wizardry market?

Question by Chris: What/where is Sonor’s wizardry market?
I saw it mentioned on this list of creepy places to visit, but the location wasn’t listed and I know nothing about it, except for that it exists and the few pictures taken inside that were shown. does anyone know anything about it because I’ve found absolutely nothing on any search engines or encyclopedias.

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Answer by Mayu Amakura
I’ve seen the video too and I’ve tried to research on it and I can’t seem to find anything. :( Sorry. I even looked it up on Google Map.

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Stanford Admission – do I have a chance?

Question by : Stanford Admission – do I have a chance?
I am an international student from Korea who is currently attending a boarding school in New Jersey. I am a Junior, and I have decided that I would apply early action to Stanford University my senior year.

My GPAs since my freshmen year have been all over 5.0 under the school’s 6.0 scale (5.0 converts to A, being about 90%); the numbers specifically being 5.4, 5.3, and 5.3. I’ve taken the most challenging classes that I could have taken so far, including honors and APs. I took a SAT I once without studying or preparations and got a score of 2060; Reading (670), Math(710) and Writing(680). I took SAT II in chemistry and scored 730.

Aside from academics, I’ve never participated in any varsity sports, nor have done extensive hours of community service. I am not in the class council, although I am in the academic honors committee that practically doesn’t do anything. I enjoy performing on stage, and take part in school plays and musicals, and occasionally help out providing live music for sunday vespers. I play the flute and the guitar, both of which I have a lot of fun with and am decent at. My mother and sister live in CT, and during breaks I go over there and do open-mic stuff at a local cafe sometimes with a friend.

During the Summer of 2009, I went to Stanford’s Highschool Summer College and took 4 courses. Applying Psych to Modern Life, Social Psycology, CS (computer science) 106a, and Summer Orchestra. I also had unique experiences such as having an intimate affair with a mentor (with whom I still keep in close touch with) and having a debit card stolen from one of my “friends” and being charged 1000 dollars on it – I’ve never had so much police involvement in my life regarding the theft issue. But that’s another story.

I do realize that just from looking at the quantitative data and my extra-curricular activities I do not stand out at all. However, I realize that I have a unique background which could possibly give me an edge in the admissions process.

First of all, my father is the CAO – a second, if not first in command – of an IT company in S.Korea that currently possesses a market share of 70% in search engine service compared to 2% of Google. He took part in developing the engine about a decade ago, and is now named the best in the country regarding his knowledge in the field. Our family has a history of donation; a million dollars was donated to the university that he used to teach at, and we have so far donated to almost every school my sister and I have attended.

I will be working in China as an intern for ebay in over the summer, and also in Japan for NHN.
In the future it’s likely that I’ll be working for my father’s company, hopefully making use of my education in the US.

Do I have a chance of getting admitted to Stanford?

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Answer by ihopeihelped
Yes, you have a chance. However, what is hard to understand is that the majority of applicants are qualified. I think your internships over this coming summer are impressive, and I hope you can make the most of them. Do you think you can do something with what you learn over the summer that will make you a more interesting candidate?

Ask your school for a Naviance ID (Family Connection). There you can see how your gpa and SAT scores compare to other students from your school accepted at Stanford. You probably need to improve your SAT scores, so see if you can do that in time to apply early to Stanford. I don’t know how many SAT IIs they require, but it is probably 2 or 3. You might take the ACT to see if you score higher on it.

Varsity athletics are nice to have, but only very important if the athlete is recruited. What you want the college to know is how you will participate in the college activities beyond academics. You seem to be active.

You would be wise to find other colleges you can love that offer something similar to what Stanford offers you. Work with your college advisor to develop a list of colleges for you to visit. Have you considered Northwestern, University of Chicago, and even Wesleyan University in CT?

You sound very talented. Colleges are not interested in what your father did. However, if he has been a large donor, you might ask him to look over the list of Trustees at Stanford and other colleges that interest you. He may know some Trustees or know people who know them. There are ways to let the Development Office know that your family might be generous, but I’m not sure exactly how to do this. Some colleges are more receptive to this than others, and you must be qualified for admission. They want to know what you are doing with the opportunities that have been given to you. It sounds like you have taken advantage of some opportunities.

Good luck!

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Why do people think that libertarian socialism is an oxymoron when they haven’t even read about it?

Question by Kenny: Why do people think that libertarian socialism is an oxymoron when they haven’t even read about it?
Now, before anyone says it’s an oxymoron because you need to have a big government to have socialism I want you to


“I.1 Isn’t libertarian socialism an oxymoron?” search this on a search engine

You do not need a state to have socialism, socialism is supposed to be workers control of the means of production.

“I would like to offer some calculations on a business which is:

(a) capitalist owned: One guy owns it and earns $ 1,000,000/year. His 50 workers are paid minimum wage $ 15,000/year.

(b) socialist (worker) owned: no rich guy: the 50 workers now earn his salary of $ 1,000,000/50 = $ 20,000 each.
Each worker now averages 15,000 + 20,000 = $ 35,000, more than double his meager capitalistic wages.

Here is proof that “worker-owned” socialism raises the standard of living for the masses, not just a few filthy-rich capitalists.

No government-run wealth redistribution schemes needed here either. ”
- Post from a far-left website.

I could start a worker cooperative right now and have socialism on a small scale, imagine if this was expanded to all of society as a whole! OMG SOCIALISM HATES FREEDOM BLAH BLAH BLAH. When you’d make more money under socialism!

For more information look up “worker cooperative”

It’s libertarian because its the opposite of authoritarian! There’s no government (or very small government) to redistribute the wealth. Libertarian does not have to mean unregulated capitalism (or anarcho-capitalism in some cases) unless you are talking about the Libertarian Party. In Europe, libertarian almost always means libertarian socialism/left-anarchism.
Noam Chomsky has a quote about this “Let me just say regarding the terminology, since we happen to be in the United States, we have to be rather careful. Libertarian in the United States has a meaning which is almost the opposite of what it has in the rest of the world traditionally. Here, libertarian means ultra right-wing capitalist. In the European tradition, libertarian meant socialist. So, anarchism was sometimes called libertarian socialism, a large wing of anarchism, so we have to be a little careful about terminology.”

You can even have markets under real socialism, search this on a search engine “Mutualism (economic theory)” !

It isn’t fair when one rich guy hoards all the money, if you are producing 40 dollars worth of stuff per hour then you should get 40 dollars an hour, instead of the rich guy stealing 30 dollars from you because he owns the means of production how about EVERYONE owns the means the of production and gets paid according HOW MUCH THEY WORK? There’s no wealth distribution by the evil gubmit, because everyone owns the means of production. But it’s not stateless, classless communism (and certainly not authoritarian Marxist-Leninism) either, since workers are still paid for how much work they do; rather than

Keep in mind this has actually worked before, in the Spanish Civil War there was was anarcho-syndicalism in Catalonia, anarcho-syndicalism is a form of libertarian socialism. (look up that too)

“Despite their limitations, the Spanish anarcho-syndicalists established libertarian collectives where the means of production and exchange were socialized, through direct management by the workers and not through imposition by the state. Economic surplus was also self-managed. Also, and once again in contrast to the USSR, the workers of the collectives were rewarded equally, without productivity falling or initiative lacking. The bourgeoisie and the bureaucracy believe that if there is not a large wage differential, initiative and interest in increasing production will be lost. This idea was shown to be false in the Spanish libertarian collectives, where solidarity between the collectivists made self-government function satisfactorily.”

Last time I asked a question like this a guy named Freedom > Govt said “if government takes money and redistributes it by force, as in, INvoluntary, that IS authoritarianism” THE GOVERNMENT ISN’T REDISTRIBUTING THE WEALTH!

A guy called Joe in texas answered in my last question “Socialism requires a central authority with the power to take what is yours and “redistribute” it to someone else. How can this possibly co-exist with freedom and Liberty?”

I’ve showed you it can co-exist with freedom and liberty easily and you don’t need a central authority.

So I ask everyone, how is it an oxymoron? (after I’ve given you all these examples?)


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Answer by Jason K
Your average American voter doesn’t know the difference between a Political philosophy and an Economic system.

What’s more, most of them use very crude, connotative definitions of “Socialism” to being with.

The first response makes my case for me.

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Does anyone know a good internet marketing company to build website with seo optimization for a good price?

by tm-md

Question by Michael Billionaire: Does anyone know a good internet marketing company to build website with seo optimization for a good price?
Good Internet Marketing Company? What is the most cost effective way to sell products or services online?

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Is a fair and excellant company.

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Q&A: What is keyword density? Is keyword density even a factor is SEO?

Question by Travisimo: What is keyword density? Is keyword density even a factor is SEO?
I am wondering if keyword density is a factor in getting search engine results. If so how much? How does it all work? What is it exactly?

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Answer by John
You know this is a good question. I was wondering this myself. I googled it and found this article. This was the most comprehensive guide to keyword density I had read so I thought I would share.

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Q&A: How much would it cost to replace the hood on this Honda Accord?

Question by jjjwrussell: How much would it cost to replace the hood on this Honda Accord?
I’m in the market for a car and I’d like it to be a Honda. I found this one on AutoTrader and depending on how much it would cost to replace the damage to the front end I may end up purchasing it. The link is below:



Best answer:

Answer by wildmanny2
I do autobody repair as a career.A new aftermarket made in Taiwan part will cost around $ 125,depending on where you get it from..The paint work is another story,a nice job should run about $ 250 for the hood alone.Check out Car-Part.com,you might find one the same color Go for it.

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Getting users/visitors for my website?

Question by Julie H: Getting users/visitors for my website?
I am about to launch my new website in 4 days and I was wondering what are the most effective ways to get users/visitors without spending marketing dollars?

Things I have on my list:

1- SEO (search engine optimization): Title, Meta tags, descriptions
2- Addthis.com button to share it on other websites
3- “How my website works” on youtube plus keywords there.

What are other ways to quickly get visitors?

Also in terms of selling banner ads on my website, how many visitors do I need to get in order to do this? Even if I get enough how do I have to approach companies to advertise on my website. Lets say I want to put only 1 banner on my website for advertising (exclusive), how do I have to negotiate the price for this? Is it based on the number of users ?

Thanks very much.

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Answer by Exceptional Escapades
Try Traffic Swarm, it will get lots of free traffic to your site.

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What are some really good SEO websites that I can actually learn something for free?

Question by Ess: What are some really good SEO websites that I can actually learn something for free?

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Answer by Ashok Kumar
read here http://www.searchenginegenie.com/seo-blog/seoblog.html

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