Does my plan fit along with the topic, Web by Design, Incorporation?

Question by Ladydi: Does my plan fit along with the topic, Web by Design, Incorporation?
I’ve planned to get it revised.
Starting from a continuation through the end of my project.

My proposed services have advantages over those affected by my competitors because it may expand professional Web sites, principles, and economic version. I believe my company will have benefits of selling and buying products online, or anywhere else. My company is a service company.
A. The service will be provided by the interests of consumers and management. I would have about a few people with special and strong sense of business needs and experiences. There are also management services including ecommerce software, web design, and marketing, where customers shop online with their own shopping cart.

A. Target Market:
Erin Wright(Female)
Undergraduate student
Senior of college
Interests: Travel: U.S. and International

Michel Labonte (Male)
Ph. D student
25 years or over
Interests: job inquiries ,expertise requests, reference requests, getting back in touch

Sara Harte (Female)
Graphic Design student
18 years or over
Interests: career opportunities, getting back in touch

COO at SD Angel Productions (Female)
27 years old
Interests: motorcycles, MMA fighting, Football, gymnastics, capoiera, trying new foods and restaurants, traveling, writing, dancing, and walking down the runway in fashion

Students at Bedford High School
Grade levels: 9-12
Interests: special needs

B. Customers’ needs: card purchase, shopping cart online, templates, multimedia, bookmarks
Customers’ wants: part design, templates, professional service

C. Pricing:
Templates: $ 300
Site Maintenance: 5 hours(60$ per hour)
Standard: $ 35 per month
The reason I have chosen those pricing options is because I am willing to make anything cheaper in case of incoming increasing prices during hours. My competitors’ pricing strategy is a little expensive from housing and building items.

D. Distribution: I will sell to customers directly over the Internet. The suppliers, who manage to sell the products online may turn them in to me and I would give the cash back to the sellers. Additionally, I would use a credit or debit card to buy back products. I wish I had my own warehouse, but I will not.

E. Promotion strategy
1. Determining the products
a. expensive or cheap
b. unused items
c. out of items

2. Buying items
a. anything cheaper and better

3. Types of Advertising
a. online ads
b. public search engine ads
c. business ads

4. Positive relationships
a. good services
b. improving needs or wants

C. agreements
* Keeping up with customers’ order
* Keeping up the time

F. E-Business
* My company will have a Web site. People who registered as a member will visit the Web site.
* It will look like personal site with personal business templates. The information of advertisements, instructions, prices, products, and goods will be brought in.
* The site members with the knowledge of selling anything that is already used or
inconvenient may sell products over the Internet.
* I will email the customers by giving specific welcome for my company and have them to check out the items. Then, I will let them know by asking customers to buy products online.

To: Customer
From: Team Management
Subject: Business

Experiences: Radiology, Project manager
Interests: Sales, Marketing, and Accounting
Education: St. Louis University of Medication

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If you have any comments, please let me know.

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Answer by Leroy Lynch
Looks amazing and I can just tell that you will be a success.

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Patent. Inventions. I have this super dumb/great idea that is 100% for sure to sell easy. It’s so great!?

Question by Willet: Patent. Inventions. I have this super dumb/great idea that is 100% for sure to sell easy. It’s so great!?
I can mention so little about the product I have.(legalities) but this is a baby item and will 100% sell and it is not around. I have not searched it through any Search Engine on the internet because I know this is NOT around and SHOULD be. This comes from having my first baby. How do I patent the idea and how much so that no one can take it. Also if I patent the idea and it’s pretty simple what I want; how do I stop anyone that is established like these new big companies that are around from doing the same thing and marketing it so much faster then me off MY OWN idea and go above and around me? I feel so great about this that I have learned to go to the patent web sight for America in DC and search it their in their archives . Ok so lets be quick if this idea is not taken can I make it mine where no bigger company can take the same idea just do this little different thing that makes it different so they can use my idea to sell. I figured.. work out the patent and I hear it’s cheap just to hold the patent as mine until I pay the full scale 10k to really make it mine. Then I figured I can try my hardest to set up a meeting with walmart first and show them a demo and keep them as strictly the ones that carry it or open carry and let me be able to sell to other stores. (I can not express how GREAT this idea is. I know .. I know everyone has one. I have ton’s of others just this one I am willing to put in the money for. I’m curious how do I make it mine, I am curuious how to market it,(tv would be great) I am also curious on how to design it the way it will be at the store, Who do I speak to about making this idea, also if I just used things that were out their already is that legal or do I have to pay the person for their idea to make mine work.. This idea is 100% and you will see this around store and TV. I can promise.. I just need the help. I’m so stuck and need this help really bad.. is my main email if someone is serious in helping out. I also am willing to take on a partner if they know about how to do everything, and we can work out the profit split at that time. I know I have 20+k to invest and I know it will sell 100%.. Most important this idea is SUPER CHEAP.. I cant see it costing more then 1 dollar tops if we had a company produce it.. I mean maybe 1 dollar most likely 20-50 cents.. and it can retail easily at 10 bucks for everyone expecting a baby to get in their baby shower , and 20 would not be a hard sell if we just upped the version just a tiny bit.. Serious people only please, because this is very serious for me.

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Which SEO technique is most important?

Question by John: Which SEO technique is most important?
There are so many SEO techniques. If you were to pick one SEO technique that generates the most results, which would it be?

Is link building the most important? How much more important is link building compared to the second most important SEO technique?

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free e-book Yahoo search engine Otimization ?

Question by Bhupender: free e-book Yahoo search engine Otimization ?
Plz suggest any website where i can find free e-book on Yahoo Search engine optimisation.

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Answer by Shilpam G
Search on

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Does having youtube videos on your site increase your SEO better than just having regular videos?

by tm-md

Question by Jon: Does having youtube videos on your site increase your SEO better than just having regular videos?
Seeing as you would have links to your site in the case of youtube videos.

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Answer by Brandon Coyle
Youtube video will be found via and this will bring more people to your website. I have a lot of people find our company over youtube. They are so much easier to share as well. Clients can follow you via you tube so the more videos you make the more they will see.

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Latest Search Engine Marketing News

Internet Marketing Strategy Using Search Engine Optimization Slide15
Search Engine Marketing

Image by hongxing128
Internet Marketing Strategy Using Search Engine Optimization Presentation References:

SEO Question: Are you suppose to link an XML site map to the home page? If not, what do you do?

by tm-md

Question by Bri: SEO Question: Are you suppose to link an XML site map to the home page? If not, what do you do?
I know creating an XML Site Map is suppose to help your SEO.

1)What do you do with the xml file once you have it created?
2)Are there any good/free sites that will help create the xml file?

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Answer by
No, you do not link it to anything.

Just generate a Google-compatible xml sitemap and put it in the root of your web folder (i.e. in the same folder as your home page). I recommend the link below to generate your site map automatically.

You should study the generated site map very carefully. Are any pages missing? If so, then you have navigation problems which are a probable result of using JavaScript for your menus (search engines can not crawl JavaScript).

In addition to having an xml sitemap, you should include an HTML site map and link to it using an ordinary HTML link (not JacaScript) from your home page. This guarantees that all the pages on your site will be spidered (but not necessarily listed) by all search engines.

There is one thing you can do with your xml sitemap. Submit it directly to Google. Sign up for free Google Webmaster Tools (see second link, below) and submit your site map. While you’re at it, do the same thing for Bing.

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Why can’t I find photographs of a fat Sharon Osbourne?

Question by Rusty Shackleford: Why can’t I find photographs of a fat Sharon Osbourne?
I don’t need a response like look for it in google images, or just search for it in a search engine. I have done active research in many periodicals, journals, delved through countless amounts of published entertainment archives, as well as interviewed very close associates of Sharon’s in the early days of Ozzie’s career. They were even shocked to realize that these pictures have gone missing when looking for them in order to disprove my investigatory work–realizing that the rare photos Sharon allowed her friends to take on occasion have gone missing–thus, the evidence has led me to conclude: That no individual can produce even so much as a link to a image of Sharon Osborne prior to her 1999 bariatric surgery, with the aid of the then, experimental Adjustable Gastric–by of a sequenced, covert attack on the lower middle class by elite globalist PR firms, under the divine guidance of New World Peruvian Spider Monkeys–thus completing their implementation of Ozzy and Sharon as poster-parents for the consolidation of mass media semiotics to grunts and hoots while making society conversant with the imagery of overweight, ‘healthy’ children and recovering, but skinny parents; which they have used in their monopoly of manufacturing and for the back to school, ‘bridge-the-generation’ marketing for the distribution to Target, JC Penny’s ,Kohl’s, etc. etc. ‘hipster post modern’ fashion line; opening marketing potentiality to all sizes
after overconfidence in the thread market gave way to record low yields.

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Answer by blue-eyes
Get a healthy hobby.

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Q&A: What are some websites were you can PUBLISH an article with a link for SEO?

Question by Conner S: What are some websites were you can PUBLISH an article with a link for SEO?
please dont give me some sites that have nothing to do with my question.

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Answer by gruntmaster9000 is one.

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what is pr6 in search engine optimisation?

Question by xtsy: what is pr6 in search engine optimisation?
or any pr1 ,2 also.

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Answer by LowTek
This refers to the Google PageRank score. For more info, see the source below.

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